We offer yoga classes suitable for mums who can bring bubs & kids under 5. These classes are a great way to get exercise and unwind while your little one joins in or plays next to you. Leave these classes with a heightened sense of wellbeing, feeling rejuvenated and energised.


Why do yoga during pregnancy?

Yoga is a great way to keep fit & maintain a great sense of wellbeing during pregnancy as well as alleviate common pregnancy issues such as back pain, constipation, indigestion, sciatica and low energy.

Our prenatal yoga is gentle and safe for you and your baby.

Prenatal yoga – 6 weeks course

We hold this course on a recurring basis for you to enjoy throughout your pregnancy from 16 weeks onwards.

Our prenatal yoga course will:

  • Teach you breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce stress and keep calm throughout pregnancy and birth.
  • Show you appropriate postures to get you stretching and moving to stay active and healthy.
  • Alleviate typical issues in pregnancy such as back pain, indigestion, constipation and low energy levels.
  • Teach you postures for strengthening legs, core and pelvic floor – putting you in optimum shape for the birth and post natal recovery.

Classes are suitable from 16 weeks and for all levels of experience, including beginners.

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Post-Natal Care – Yoga for New Mum’s – Hunter’s Hill

Yoga for New Mum’s classes are available as

  • 1 hour session each week for a period of 8 weeks
  • 2 x 1 hour sessions each week for a period of 8 weeks
  • Maximum group size of 6 for these classes for more personalised attention
  • Must be 1 month post-partum or 3-6 months post-partum following c-section (with GP clearance)

Yoga for Mums ‘n Bubs Classes

  • We now refer on for both postnatal and mums n bubs classes. Please contact Olivia for the contact details for these classes (suitable for new mum’s and babies under 18 months). These classes are now located in Hunters Hill.

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Yoga for mums in Putney

Bring bubs & under 5's

Toddlers may go wild or join in !

Mums ‘n Bub’s Yoga for Putney & Ryde Mums

If you would like to enrol in these classes, you can do so below via our timetable or passes further below. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can book you in.


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