We offer mindfulness & meditation classes both as standalone classes or incorporated within our Corporate yoga programs and school programs. Please contact us to tailor a program or session for your team at the office or school group.


What is mindfulness meditation?

There are many kinds of meditation, and the fastest growing technique for addressing stress relief, is mindfulness meditation.

Mindfulness is the practise of focussing one’s awareness on the present moment.

It’s the meditation of choice among those facing moderate to high levels of on-the-job stress.

This practise can be applied everywhere and anywhere once we are accustomed to doing it. We can practise achieving mindfulness through traditional guided mindfulness meditation exercises.

Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation for Workplace Productivity

We can incorporate mindfulness and meditation as part of your corporate wellness yoga program, and it can also be offered as standalone sessions.

  • De Bruin, Formsma, Frijstein, & Bögels (2017) showed that mindfulness in the workplace can increase the number of hours worked by employees.
  • Gallant (2016) found that mindfulness can improve executive functioning by improving employees’ ability to tune out stimuli that are irrelevant to the task at hand (cognitive inhibition).
  • Researchers Grégoire and Lachance (2015) found that call centre employees who took part in a brief mindfulness intervention reported decreased stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and negative affect, while also experiencing greater satisfaction at work.
  • Mindfulness in service industry workers improves job performance and level of customer engagement (Dane & Brummel, 2014).
  • Office employees who participated in an eight-week mindfulness intervention experienced lower levels of work-related stress, greater job satisfaction and enhanced job performance as rated by their employers (Shonin, Van Gordon, Dunn, Singh, & Griffiths, 2014).

Mindfulness & Meditation for Enhancing Mood & Stress relief.

  • Studies on the practise of mindfulness show that it lowers cortisol in the bloodstream, meaning it reduces stress.
  • You don’t have to actually be meditating for it to still benefit your brain’s emotional processing. A study conducted by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience shows that the amygdala (fight or flight centre & responsible for emotion) in the brains’ response to emotional stimuli is changed by meditation, and this effect occurs even when a person isn’t actively meditating.

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Mindfulness & Meditation for Corporate Wellness Programs in Sydney

Corporate Mindfulness & Meditation Sydney

To discuss how we can help you with yoga and mindfulness meditation for your Corporate Wellness program, please contact us by email or phone.


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