Kids’ yoga classes are typically a 45 minute session and are designed for ages 4 years to 7 years and ages 8 years to 12 years. Kids’ yoga is a fun, interactive activity which builds confidence, promotes an active body and introduces children to the concept of mindfulness.


What is Kids’ Yoga?

The word ‘yoga’ means to yoke or to unite. This refers to the mind, body and breath working together in unison with a specific sequence of postures, movements and diaphragmatic breathing as prescribed by the Yoga Teacher for the particular class. The Teacher facilitates the process of participants’  becoming more awareness or mindful of this process. The whole experience of yoga is in itself a ‘mindfulness’ exercise.

For children’s yoga, there is a broader approach to how we teach them yoga. We teach children to be more aware of their body, breath and mind working in unison through various role play and games. We also include traditional yoga postures such as the well-known Downward Dog or Mountain Pose, or Tree Pose. Stories are often created around these or various games played with the group.

My classes focus on children being aware if and when they feel anxiety, anger or tension – and when these normal feelings arise periodically throughout life, we can focus our attention to the breath and how we are breathing to help bring back a sense of calm. I teach them the difference between diaphragmatic (healthy) breathing and unhealthy breathing (shallow or chest breathing and breathing through the mouth rather than the nose).

Kids will learn about the beneifts of diaphragmatic breathing such as reducing anxiety and putting them in rest & digest (eg the state they may experience when they picture themselves laying on the lounge watching TV – and asking them to name a few other scenarios where they may feel totally relaxed, calm and at peace). Conversely they will understand how chest breathing/big breaths (not deep, down low breaths) can worsen the feelings of anxiety or anger – activating their Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) – being in fight or flight response. Attention is drawn to how this may feel, and the brain does not realise when threats are real or perceived (eg is there a Lion about to attack me, or am I feeling shy or nervous when the teacher makes me stand up and answer a question?)

Key Benefits of Kids’ Yoga

  • Kid’s Yoga grows Confidence
  • Kid’s Yoga improves Concentration
  • Kid’s Yoga helps kids manage unpleasant emotions eg stress, anxiety and anger
  • Kid’s yoga promotes Inclusivity
  • Kid’s yoga promotes co-ordination & balance
  • Kid’s yoga promotes a healthy and active body
  • Kid’s yoga introduces kids to mindfulness

Hear from some of our Parents

‘Jake loved the yoga today with Olivia. He’s normally very shy especially in groups with more children. It was so good to see him engaging with his peers of different ages and also being put on the spot to have his turn without him feeling embarrassed. Thank you so much! We are very much looking forward to our next class.’

‘Such a fun and interactive session. I had no idea until Caitlin did this class what a Down Dog is, and that I can actually get some energy back doing this too. I’m enjoying her teaching me what she has learnt from class!’

‘Thank you Olivia for these awesome classes. Evie loves attending, and the best part is the focus on managing anger and anxiety. So many useful tips for her to use evey day.’

To enquire or book a session of Kid’s yoga, please don’t hesitate to contact via email or phone.


Kids Yoga Top Ryde

Kids Yoga Ryde and Putney

Kids' Yoga suitable for Ages 4 to 7 years and 8 to 12 years

Kids’ Yoga in Ryde area

If you would like to enrol your child in these classes, you can do so below via our timetable or passes further below. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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