We offer general to advanced yoga classes to corporates, groups and individuals. These classes change in accordance with the seasons and 5 elements, focussing on different body meridians within each class.


Japanese Yoga & Pilates – General Classes

These classes are designed for clients with some experience of yoga or pilates and with a reasonable fitness level. They are great for maintaining general fitness and health.

Japanese yoga changes with the seasons, and with the time of day, so you will never be bored and your body will benefit from the varying movement throughout the year. Studies show that the body needs different movement for optimum health – benefiting both the body and the brain.

Pilates classes are tailored to your body’s requirements.

These classes are offered in a group, and as one-on-one private sessions.

Advanced Japanese Yoga  Classes

For experienced yogis and those wanting to deepen their own yoga practise, we run Advanced yoga classes. In addition to Japanese yoga, we incorporate some classical asanas in these classes, and also balance them out with some yin yoga.

These classes are offered in a group, and as one-on-one private sessions.

One-on-One Classes

You can schedule a private individual yoga class tailored to your health issues.

Some clients prefer to do a couple of one-on-one sessions before joining a group class to address their specific pain or injuries first.

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Advanced Mat Pilates Classes

These classes incoporate the use of rings, blocks, ball and therabands. Suitable for seasoned pilates practitioners wanting to take their practice to an advanced level.

Group Outdoor Yoga Class

We offer private yoga classes for individuals


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