Beginners pilates and Beginner’s yoga are one of our most popular class packs. We work on the fundamentals while addressing individuals’ goals – be it rehabilitative, correctives, strengthening or releasing. Experience greater strength, mobility, wellbeing & vitality.


Choose Beginner’s Yoga or Beginner’s Pilates – currently run from Function Playground, Gladesville and Royal Rehab Putney

Pilates Foundations – Beginner’s 6 Weeks

Learn the fundamentals of mat pilates in this 6 week course. Mat Pilates works with the deep abdominals and the pelvic floor as well as strengthening the entire upper and lower body. Pilates also includes highly effective stretches for releasing typically tight areas in the body. This 6 week course will give you noticeable results and cover the essentials to see you getting the most out of any pilates class you take in future. These foundations are essential for both mat pilates and Pilates Reformer.

What is covered:

  • Mini postural assessment & identify any specific areas of the body to address
  • Identify deep abdominals and pelvic floor & Activation
  • Safety aspects & spinal positions
  • Pilates Breathing technique
  • Strengthening adbominals & pelvic floor
  • Exercises to help strengthen the muscles within the pelvis, buttocks and legs( external hip rotators), improving stability and preventing injuries in the hips, knees, and ankles. Strong hip external rotators can also reduce knee pain and lower back pain.
  • Stretches to help to improve hip external rotator flexibility and range of motion.
  • Strengthening back and shoulder muscles where required
  • Releasing tight areas such as muscles in the neck, upper back and sides of the body, front of thighs.

Each class has a maximum of 5 participants for individual attention.

Messages from clients:

‘I used to think pilates was easy until I did your classes. I realise now I’d been isolating the wrong muscles at the gym doing pilates before attending your sessions’. Therese Chau

‘My massage therapist noticed I no longer have tightness in my neck and shoulders. The tight area is now lower because of working my back in your classes so much. The therapist said how much stronger my back feels and it is more functional to have a tight back from exercise rather than when I was overusing other areas. I am so pleased to say pilates has been the only thing to relieve what I thought was a chronic condition. Thank you Olivia!’ Liz Santos

Japanese Yoga Essentials – 6 week course

Our Beginners Japanese yoga program is held over 6 weeks with class duration of 1 hour. These yoga classes will work with all the body meridians – you will emerge from class feeling energised and with a sense of calm, having had a full  body treatment where you have done the work thereby toning the body & burning calories along the way.

Beginners yoga classes start off gently, then progress to be more dynamic & will really get you moving.

Japanese Yoga Essentials 6 weeks will include :

  • Brief Introduction to the background of yoga & Japanese yoga & its benefits
  • You will learn yoga breathing (diaphragmatic breathing) to achieve deep relaxation & more energy
  • Fundamental yoga postures which serve as the foundation of all yoga
  • Gentle stretches, twists and core work.
  • Some basic postures you can do at home.
  • Mats are supplied, but feel free to bring your own mat & yoga towel if you wish.

What are the benefits of Beginner’s Japanese yoga?

Research is clear. Yoga is good for your body and for your mind. Japanese yoga involves supine and prone moves about 90% of the time, thereby benefitting internal organs as much as external muscles.

  • Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga is a mindful practice which involves movement coordinated with the breath.
  • Improved digestion.
  • Calming the adrenal glands which improves stress & anxiety
  • Improved focus and clarity of mind
  • Increased immunity and better circulatory system.
  • Switching off the Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight) & thereby swicthing ON PNS.
  • Detoxifying the Liver.
  • Improved oxygenation to our cells.
  • Improved joints and flexibility.

How often should I attend a Beginner’s Yoga class to see the benefits?

Doing just one hour of yoga each week will see huge benefits. Ideally you will start to attend a class twice a week for maximum benefits & to form part of your general health maintenance regime.

You can also choose to do 1 x pilates class a week in conjunction with 1 x yoga class.


Beginner’s Yin Yoga

Yin yoga involves long passive holds up to about 2-3 minutes each pose. Yin yoga works at fascia level rather than muscular level which so many other exercise modalities work at. Comparing yin yoga with ki yoga (and it’s similar cousin, Ryoho yoga) – Ki and Ryoho combine both dynamic movements (muscular level) and passive holds (fascia level). Ki yoga has both yin and yang movements to create a very balanced modality. With yin yoga, we also work with the energetic pathways of the body (meridians) which you might be familiar with used in accupuncture or accupressure. The body goes into various asanas with passive holds to stimulate the energy within these pathways. Yin yoga is wonderful for anxiety and relieving tension in the body. Contrary to common belief, yin yoga is not so beneficial for people who are very flexible if they are infact hypermobile. People with hypermobility are more suited to strenthening yoga postures rather than stretching/opening otherwise they may cause more damage than good.


Beginner’s Vinyasa yoga

Prepare for the body to heat up and be energised with Vinyasa Flow yoga. Vinyasa is a dynamic and flowing form of yoga involving predominantly standing postures. The asanas are sequenced so that there is a seamless flow and each posture is driven with the breath. Typically we’ll inhale to move upwards and exhale when performing downward moves. This form of yoga may be a little strong if you have arthritis in the joints or carpal tunnel. If that’s the case for you let me know, and I will make modifications to your Vinyasa Flow sequence! Alternatively, your body might benefit moreso from Ki yoga, Yin yoga or Pilates.

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Beginners Yoga Putney & Ryde

We provide Beginners classes to schools and corporates across Sydney and Greater Sydney. We also offer Beginners classes to groups and individuals at Royal Rehab in Putney servicing Putney and Ryde clients.


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