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Japanese yoga is a dynamic, strong form of yoga, requiring great focus. Grounded in Hatha yoga, Japanese yoga incorporates elements of marital arts, zen shiatsu, Traditional Eastern Medicine and modern exercise science. Diaphragmatic breathing is key within Japanese yoga. It works on the internal organs as much as the external muscles. We work on building energey in the hara (lower belly), and stimulate this energy (ki) throughout the body helping balance the body energetically. By focussing on building a strong core, we thereby allow the upper body, the spine and the sides of the body to relax.

Japanese yoga is renowned for relieving and preventing back pain. Japanese yoga is suitable for all levels of fitness and also manages to challenge even the fittest participants. Apart from the physical benefits, Japanese yoga creates a greater awareness of every component of the body. Each class takes you on a journey, throughout which participants will practice the art of mindfulness. One cannot practice Japanese yoga without being mindful throughout the entire practice.

Yin yoga involves passive holds for around 3 to 5 minutes and works at fascia level rather than muscular level. Yin yoga also works with the meridian lines within the body (energetic pathways) to restore balance within the body. Current research reveals that 60% of pain in the body is related to fascia. Fascia is rather like a net or webbing that holds everything together inside the body. It accounts for about 20% of your body mass. Fascia stores and moves water, and carries voltage, acting like an electrical wiring system. Yin yoga is therapeutic and great for creating a supple, pain free body and a calm, relaxed and serene mind.

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We’ve just emerged from a long weekend here in NSW, thanks to the Queen’s Birthday. Last Thursday I flew to the Gold Coast then hired a car and drove up to Springbrook, about 45 minute drive from..

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