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A Therapeutic form of yoga – Working with the Meridians

May 24 2016 Olivia Hammerschmidt

Japanese yoga is a dynamic and very therapeutic form of yoga – it is also known as remedial yoga and works with the same meridians in the body as Zen Shiatsu and accupuncture.

As well as the benefits of building strength, stamina, flexibility, shedding body fat,  keeping fit and being mindful (whooshka – and there’s more too!) a Japanese yoga session leaves you with similar effects to that of an accupuncture or shiatsu treatment.

Just as the body changes over time and in response to it’s environment, so does our yoga – it changes according to the seasons. Each season corresponds with different meridians within the body, eg in Summer – the Heart meridian and Small Intestine, and in Winter the Bladder merdian and Kidney merdian.

Japanese yoga is done in accordance with the principles of the Five Element Theory and Yin and Yang.

If you would like to learn more about these, please join our upcoming workshop series: Japanese Yoga & The Five Element Theory, Japanese Yoga &  Yin & Yang, Understanding & Applying massage to the Meridians.


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