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Does your workplace support World Mental Health Day? Tuesday, 10th October 2017

Sep 29 2017 Olivia Hammerschmidt

Corporate organisations in Australia are beginning to grasp the theory of mental wellbeing in the workplace being critical to success, but many are falling short on the practice.

Even within organisations that have strong policies around mental health and wellbeing, when asked if they would raise it if they had an issue at work, many individuals are telling us they believe it would have a negative impact on their career. There is definitely a disconnect between what corporate employers are saying and what individuals believe. It’s about trust and reinforcing the message in the practices that businesses employ for their staff such as:

  • Lunchtime yoga sessions, before work or after work yoga classes
  • Meditation & mindfulness sessions at lunchtime, before work or after work
  • Staff incentives and rewards such as massage vouchers, movie tickets
  • Providing a ‘doona day’ – a day off for staff to take whenever they like during the year.
  • Providing staff with information on ergonomics so they are as comfortable as possible
  • Providing complimentary fruit for staff
  • Reminders to staff to take regular breaks from the computer
  • Suggestions to staff for exercises they can do when taking a break – such as eye exercises, wrist, arm and shoulder exercises.
  • Organising social events for staff, whether it’s a staff picnic or drinks after work
  • Allowing staff to work from home

The theme for World Mental Health Day 2017 is workplace wellbeing. So whether you’re an individual looking to enhance your own wellbeing or an employer seeking advice on supporting your staff, we’ve got a range of yoga and mindfulness services to help you get involved.

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