Who can Benefit from Buteyko Breathing classes?

Buteyko Breathe-Well classes are designed to retrain breathing levels back to normal in clients with anxiety, asthma and other respiratory conditions. Buteyko breathing is also used to enhance sports performance.

What is Buteyko Breathing?

Hundreds of thousands of people in the Western world have successfully applied the Buteyko method to resolve and relieve symptoms of breathing problems such as asthma, ADHD, anxiety, panic attacks, hayfever/rhinitis, snoring, stress and sleep apnoea.

Named after Russian Dr Konstantin Buteyko, the Buteyko Method consists of a series of breathing exercises specifically designed to reduce over-breathing.

Our Breathing retraining classes involve the identification and correction of dysfunctional breathing habits to restore a physiologically normal pattern of breathing. This allows calm and easy, silent breathing whilst both awake and asleep, balanced blood chemistry, and optimal oxygenation of the blood to the cells, tissues and organs.

Our mental and physical wellbeing depend on correct breathing. Over 90% of people experience significant reduction or elimination of snoring, asthma symptoms, blocked nose and anxiety and panic attacks within one week of practising the Buteyko method, and have increased capacity for exercise.

Signs of over breathing include frequent yawning, sighing, sniffing, mouth breathing, heavy breathing at night, loud breathing and snoring.

Buteyko breathing involves relaxation and minimal breathing volume to permanently retrain breathing to normal levels.

Attending our Breathe-Well classes will give you new tools that you can use for life.

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Buteyko Class Program & Outcomes

Classes are held for 60-90 minutes over 4 consecutive weeks and will cover:

  • Assessment and correction of dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Specific Exercises appropriate to the various conditions
  • Physiological, psychological and biochemical effects of dysfunctional breathhing.
  • Incorporating relaxation techniques as part of the Buteyko method
  • Practise exercises to do at home
  • Assessment of symptoms at start and end of program

*Price includes class attendance once a week for consecutive 4 weeks.

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Our Buteyko Breathe-Well classes are held at the following locations:

Buteyko classes Putney

Royal Rehab
235 Morrison Road,
Putney NSW 2112

Buteyko classes Parramatta

Suite 3, 30 Cowper Road

Parramatta NSW 2150


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